Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bulvgarians party

yap we went to their party today. juz came back fact del n i were pressured to go. cos it's one of our neighbour's bday so they hosted this party n invited so many of our department ppl. n we'd be asked by some of our leads like r u going to the party on fri?u better go or else i'll cum knocking at ur door. so del n i hesitated n act planned to disappear for a while so tt when ey cum knocking at our door, noobdy will be ere to ans it. but in e end we changed our mind when the bday boy came to invite us personally. bo bian. bt of cos we waited for like an hr plus later when e crowd is bigger b4 we decide to leave our house. many bulvgarians lo n serbians. speaking alien language.haha...oh ya ..we also asked em to invite the jian nu ren staying opp us cos ey tld teck wee n sijie tt ey're going to complain if ey're going to b as noisy as last fri.oh ya..ey party almost every fri. so inviting em is like a plan so ey wun complain. never did we expect tt ey act agree to go lo. i mean if ey're unhappy wif the noise i wun expect em to accept the invitation. well...frm the look of it, i thought ey were enjoying emselves though.

we were offered vodka wif coke.hhaa...en later some hard liquor i tink by one of our fellow department bulvgarian gal. i poured del n my share of vodka into teck wee's cup. in the end teck wee helped us finish e whole thing. anyway we stayed ere for like 30 min i tink which totally din go wif the initial intention of staying for max 10 min.n ey're still partying outside. apparently almost everybody here loves partying. except for us!

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Papilionidae` said...

Eh~sounds cool ma..haha!! partying every fri nite..when u're back maybe u'll miss it lor!!! hehe

-Siok Siok-