Monday, June 4, 2007

yes! we found a 2nd job

hi peeps! yup.. we found a 2nd job alredi! being a game operator now. U know those stalls where u line the cans up and use a ball to knock down all of them, yup, we are working as the stall tenders! haha :P basically, also zhor bo, coz people seldom go and play also lei.. so dunno la. next week then start!

and u knoe wad... our apartment has started growing mold. wad the hell rite... tom the maintenance pple coming to have a look. worst come to the worst, we have to shift house. which sucks coz monster and me really like our current apartment, thou it is relatively further away from our work place. need to take 10 mins to walk instead of tw and sj's 5 mins. hahah :P hiyeaa.. but aft the effort of cleaning up the place, and having our SMELL, it will suck if we have to move. (will ask monster to post up picts of the mold if she is not lazzy tom. haha :P)

and we have made more frens at work! in fact, we know more mexicans then ang mohs lo. how ironic rite. but they are nice! the worst thing is, they are super freakin young la. they are like 16,17 can. our supervisors r like our age lo. but the all chao lao lo. if can, we will ge siao take pictures with them and let u all see also! haha :p

adios amigos!

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