Sunday, July 8, 2007

tee hee hee

Hey peeps!

hee hee :p sorry for not bloggin for sooo super long. now our schedule change alredi, most of the time working night shifts, so by the time we come back, we are super tiredz.

anyway, i heard abt all the scandals and stuff back in s'pore. my goodness, and i thought the angmohs here were loose enough. oh well, let's say im glad to hv lao chu nus as my frens ! :) (unless u all KU CHI MO MO with some summer fling, then i also dunno la)

monster and me went to play at the amusement park again last nite, and we took pictures and videos! will get her to upload them soon ya! haha :p it was super funny, coz very long neh take the rides alredi, then when we took it, we laughed so much that we had to clean away our lao nua (saliva) during the ride so that we won't splash it onto each other. haha :p seriously, i wish i could ship u guys here jus to play! it would b super fun! really miss u guys ya!

and guess wad, we managed to cook our own chinese soup here! haha :p apparently the ang mohs here also quite mud sia, never sell pork one lei. so we can't cook ba ku teh. in the end, we cook chicken teh! wa paing, not bad k! haha :P when we come bac we cook for u all k! neh lao sai, we tested 3 times alredi! ha

we made some new frens as well, some polish girls! but they quite talkative sia, then need to always think of new conversation topics to tlk. very tired lei. so everytime now they ask us whether want to go out, we will err.. laugh laugh then change topic! haha :p but they damn disgustin can. take photos all so photogenic. cannot take it. every angle also so pretty! not like us, like wad monster said, mus choose 1 angle, dun show the pimples. haha :P we shall show u the photos!

okie.. enough blabbering! photos later!


Monday, June 25, 2007


wah!time realy passes fast. we've been here for over a mth liao. though only going to leave only in one n a half mths time, am missing this place already.hahah....ya,sounds exaggerating. of cos i'm also missing my spore frens.esp all e 38s :p. noe hor i juz bought a 24'' luggage n im able to fill up e new luggage wif my new stuffs. bleh. realy buying too much. everytime del n i go shopping, we'll nv fail to buy tings back. del 'll alwys buy american eagles, n i'll always buy gap products. no money! can't update much bout teck wee n sijie cos since our schedule is different, we dun go out together liao till e las vegas trip! another rd of shopping!kk that's it!nothing interesting cos we've working la. bt going to take pics of the park soon n upload it k! take care frens!

Friday, June 22, 2007

lucky day

haha...del n i picked up $10 today. besides we are also rewarded with altogether $20 worth of food voucher (xiuyi=$5, del=$15) for our 'thank you for riding','haf a nice day' effort! shiok. we are going to feast (well, nt realy) tmr! btw, ya lyd pls help me da xiao ren! haha...del needs tt help too. cos she also always kena e shit lo!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bulvgarians party

yap we went to their party today. juz came back fact del n i were pressured to go. cos it's one of our neighbour's bday so they hosted this party n invited so many of our department ppl. n we'd be asked by some of our leads like r u going to the party on fri?u better go or else i'll cum knocking at ur door. so del n i hesitated n act planned to disappear for a while so tt when ey cum knocking at our door, noobdy will be ere to ans it. but in e end we changed our mind when the bday boy came to invite us personally. bo bian. bt of cos we waited for like an hr plus later when e crowd is bigger b4 we decide to leave our house. many bulvgarians lo n serbians. speaking alien language.haha...oh ya ..we also asked em to invite the jian nu ren staying opp us cos ey tld teck wee n sijie tt ey're going to complain if ey're going to b as noisy as last fri.oh ya..ey party almost every fri. so inviting em is like a plan so ey wun complain. never did we expect tt ey act agree to go lo. i mean if ey're unhappy wif the noise i wun expect em to accept the invitation. well...frm the look of it, i thought ey were enjoying emselves though.

we were offered vodka wif coke.hhaa...en later some hard liquor i tink by one of our fellow department bulvgarian gal. i poured del n my share of vodka into teck wee's cup. in the end teck wee helped us finish e whole thing. anyway we stayed ere for like 30 min i tink which totally din go wif the initial intention of staying for max 10 min.n ey're still partying outside. apparently almost everybody here loves partying. except for us!

Friday, June 8, 2007

So paiseh

haha..wa liao..mae u damn bored rt. always go read blogs! haha..u noe hor today i damn paiseh la.. del n i were walking to e metro station (bus interchange) to take a bus to a the shopping mall. n as we were walking..guess wat.. i actually knocked into a sign board (it's my head for ur info) which del n i totally din c. wa liao! luckily nobody is behind us la! i was more shocked than to feel e pain. sai! actually the reason why we go to the mall today is cos i wan2 change my sunglass n also to buy moisturizers la. bt in e end ..haha...i bought a gap umbrella of cos to replace my tt small tiny umbrella and also a few other things. del is damn happy cos she bought a few tang tops n also other tings la at quite a cheap price. then when we were on the bus on the way back, haha... del was reading out the stop requested in spanish which is parada. en me trying to be funny said aiya prada la! one mexican guy turned back n laugh at us lo. cant take it. k..signing off liao.. going to watch supernatural online. u guys cant imagine e life we're having lo. go shopping after work.hahah...k bye!

Monday, June 4, 2007

yes! we found a 2nd job

hi peeps! yup.. we found a 2nd job alredi! being a game operator now. U know those stalls where u line the cans up and use a ball to knock down all of them, yup, we are working as the stall tenders! haha :P basically, also zhor bo, coz people seldom go and play also lei.. so dunno la. next week then start!

and u knoe wad... our apartment has started growing mold. wad the hell rite... tom the maintenance pple coming to have a look. worst come to the worst, we have to shift house. which sucks coz monster and me really like our current apartment, thou it is relatively further away from our work place. need to take 10 mins to walk instead of tw and sj's 5 mins. hahah :P hiyeaa.. but aft the effort of cleaning up the place, and having our SMELL, it will suck if we have to move. (will ask monster to post up picts of the mold if she is not lazzy tom. haha :P)

and we have made more frens at work! in fact, we know more mexicans then ang mohs lo. how ironic rite. but they are nice! the worst thing is, they are super freakin young la. they are like 16,17 can. our supervisors r like our age lo. but the all chao lao lo. if can, we will ge siao take pictures with them and let u all see also! haha :p

adios amigos!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

din mean to tease the guy!!

haha..i din mean to tease him leh. but tink he was realy shocked when i said tt. yap he's cute. n yap! i like his built too! but anyway it's realy hard to find ugly ppl here. n the guys here are all tall. anyway im still consider tall here! realy miss u guys back in spore. haha...lyd n mae n everybody else who's able to join work n travel shld cum join us next year!cos we intend to join this programme again. btw del n i gt a a free ride from one of the bulvgarians yest. n i had to try making conversations with her. i tld her that she can ask teck wee out if she's going to play beach vball e next time.haha....oh ya she invited us to her party but we rejected politely n tld her tt we dun realy like partying. well, she was rather shocked to hear tt. en del n i concluded tt we act also like partying but it's the quiet party (wif a tub of ice cream n a laptop infront of us.) hahah..ya damnn cock!