Sunday, June 3, 2007

din mean to tease the guy!!

haha..i din mean to tease him leh. but tink he was realy shocked when i said tt. yap he's cute. n yap! i like his built too! but anyway it's realy hard to find ugly ppl here. n the guys here are all tall. anyway im still consider tall here! realy miss u guys back in spore. haha...lyd n mae n everybody else who's able to join work n travel shld cum join us next year!cos we intend to join this programme again. btw del n i gt a a free ride from one of the bulvgarians yest. n i had to try making conversations with her. i tld her that she can ask teck wee out if she's going to play beach vball e next time.haha....oh ya she invited us to her party but we rejected politely n tld her tt we dun realy like partying. well, she was rather shocked to hear tt. en del n i concluded tt we act also like partying but it's the quiet party (wif a tub of ice cream n a laptop infront of us.) hahah..ya damnn cock!

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