Friday, June 8, 2007

So paiseh

haha..wa liao..mae u damn bored rt. always go read blogs! haha..u noe hor today i damn paiseh la.. del n i were walking to e metro station (bus interchange) to take a bus to a the shopping mall. n as we were walking..guess wat.. i actually knocked into a sign board (it's my head for ur info) which del n i totally din c. wa liao! luckily nobody is behind us la! i was more shocked than to feel e pain. sai! actually the reason why we go to the mall today is cos i wan2 change my sunglass n also to buy moisturizers la. bt in e end ..haha...i bought a gap umbrella of cos to replace my tt small tiny umbrella and also a few other things. del is damn happy cos she bought a few tang tops n also other tings la at quite a cheap price. then when we were on the bus on the way back, haha... del was reading out the stop requested in spanish which is parada. en me trying to be funny said aiya prada la! one mexican guy turned back n laugh at us lo. cant take it. k..signing off liao.. going to watch supernatural online. u guys cant imagine e life we're having lo. go shopping after work.hahah...k bye!

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