Sunday, July 8, 2007

tee hee hee

Hey peeps!

hee hee :p sorry for not bloggin for sooo super long. now our schedule change alredi, most of the time working night shifts, so by the time we come back, we are super tiredz.

anyway, i heard abt all the scandals and stuff back in s'pore. my goodness, and i thought the angmohs here were loose enough. oh well, let's say im glad to hv lao chu nus as my frens ! :) (unless u all KU CHI MO MO with some summer fling, then i also dunno la)

monster and me went to play at the amusement park again last nite, and we took pictures and videos! will get her to upload them soon ya! haha :p it was super funny, coz very long neh take the rides alredi, then when we took it, we laughed so much that we had to clean away our lao nua (saliva) during the ride so that we won't splash it onto each other. haha :p seriously, i wish i could ship u guys here jus to play! it would b super fun! really miss u guys ya!

and guess wad, we managed to cook our own chinese soup here! haha :p apparently the ang mohs here also quite mud sia, never sell pork one lei. so we can't cook ba ku teh. in the end, we cook chicken teh! wa paing, not bad k! haha :P when we come bac we cook for u all k! neh lao sai, we tested 3 times alredi! ha

we made some new frens as well, some polish girls! but they quite talkative sia, then need to always think of new conversation topics to tlk. very tired lei. so everytime now they ask us whether want to go out, we will err.. laugh laugh then change topic! haha :p but they damn disgustin can. take photos all so photogenic. cannot take it. every angle also so pretty! not like us, like wad monster said, mus choose 1 angle, dun show the pimples. haha :P we shall show u the photos!

okie.. enough blabbering! photos later!



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